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Tennessee Mountainview Wines

Our winery produces a vast selection of fine wines for all tastes, ranging from dry, semi-sweet, to sweet. Come experience your wine amidst the natural beauty and charm featuring incredible views of the Appalachian Mountains!

Muscadine Blush, $10.99
A southern style wine known for its own unique robust flavor.
Scuppernong, $10.99
This wine is made from the white Muscadine grape native to the southeast creating a distinct flavor with a sweet aroma.
Chambourcin, $12.99
This wine is light bodied with a spicy overtone.
Mountain Falls (Niagara Grape), $9.99
A white Native American grape makes this special wine with a soft floral aroma creating a smooth delicate flavor.

Cayuga White, $10.99
Refreshing with soft fruit flavors.

Mountain Rouge (Concord), $9.99
This wine is made from the Concord grape, its smooth body releases a lush pleasing fruit flavor. 
Mountain Rose (Blended Grapes), $10.99
A special blend of Concord and Catawba grapes gives this wine a charming balance of fruit tastes with a smooth completion.
Mountain Mist (Catawba Grape), $9.99
This wine has a nice balance of flavor with a tart start and a sweet finish and is made from the Catawba grape. 
Strawberry, $9.99
A flavorful wine with the aroma of strawberry jam.

Raspberry, $14.99
Our Raspberry wine is pleasing to the palate and full of flavor.

Apple, $9.99
Sweet and Crisp.
Blackberry, $12.99
Gentle sweet with a soft finish.
Blueberry, $15.99
Our blueberry wine is full bodied made totally of fresh blueberries creating a rich smooth wine with a deep flavor.
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