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Harvesting Happiness Since 1979

The Morris family acquired the vineyards in 1979 when it was originally operated as a U-Pick your own vineyard. Since then we’ve cultivated additional acreage of new grape varietals along with new berry patches to assist with producing wine. In 1986 the wine cellar was finally established and our family’s 1st generation of wine makers began making their first batches of wine. 35 years later we’ve passed down the craft 3 generations. Each generation is as passionate as the last. We look forward to many more decades of honing in this craft and to making quality wine for people to enjoy.


Morris Vineyard
346 Unioin Grove Rd NE
Charleston, TN


(423) 479-7311



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(423) 479-7311

Open Daily.
Hours of Operation:
Sunday and Monday 12-7
Tuesday thru Saturday 11-7
Pet Friendly.

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